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  1. Jo says:


    I’ve just finished your new book – and loved it! I’ve posted a review on Amazon, where I’d stumbled upon it entirely by chance.

    Although I suspect from your description in the book that you did eventually find that picture of Henry Ainley as Hamlet, if you didn’t, it is available on the Stage archive: edition dated May 15th 1930 pg 37 in an article entitled ‘A Parisian at London Plays.’ (I’ve done a bit of Henry hunting myself over the years although I have no connection with him or the family at all.)

    Congratulations on a fascinating book

    Best wishes

    Joanna Duncan

  2. Kate green says:

    Hi Rosa
    Interesting to see a book named 2 Ennerdale Drive as I wrote to that address for 20 years! I first wrote to Anthony in 1984 as a fan, and very soon after that we became firm friends. He was such a true gentleman, thoughful and very witty. I still miss his letters and phone calls. There is an Anthony Ainley website, which I contributed photos to. I am at work at the moment – so I have to go. Will be in touch another time..

  3. Consuelo says:

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  4. John William Southgate C.Eng.,MIET says:

    responding to your letter in Prospero regarding Alexandra Palace ,John W.Southgate 01342 832795 I am 82 ,worked there for the BBC in the 1950’s visited several years’Mechanical Engineering exhibitions, played tennis at the BBC club, and attended careers seminars with my eldest daughter, when she was 16. I lived in Edmonton during the war. If this is of interest to you feel free to call me. We live in Lingfield ,Surrey now

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