UNESCO Event in Tehran on World Architecture Today

It’s World Architecture Day today! I was asked by Sinan Pakand of University of Tehran if I could participate in an event he’s involved with in conjunction with the UNESCO office in Tehran. I met Sinand about seven years ago when I went to Iran as part of the Architectural Association’s Visiting Schools Programme, and he was one of the students.

I sent this message.

‘I’m proud to be asked to contribute to this most worthy event. I spent only ten days in Tehran in 2011 and it was a truly life-changing experience, to see the city and its buildings, to meet the people taking part in the AA Visiting School Programme and elsewhere. We also some time in Isfahan.

It was inspiring for me as a writer in architecture to have this time in Iran, to get a first-hand glimpse of the breadth of architectural possibility and its power. I always try to use examples from buildings I saw in that time in my lectures now, and in fact I will be doing so this week, telling undergraduate architecture students about  Tehran’s Azadi Tower in relation to city gateways and entrances, and also about the arches used in the structure of the Shah mosque, Isfahan, the maydan and the Masjid-i Imam.

I wish you all success with this event.’

Always great to hear what students are doing, and to be asked to participate is lovely and generous too.


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