I am a writer and text-based artist with a background in architecture and photography. My published work ranges from the short story to non/fiction to journalism and includes edited collections, guide books and spoken word sound installations. With degrees in architecture, literature and photographic studies, my practice has extended in the last few years into digital writing, using image and sound as well as words. My specialism is space, buildings and architecture – I’m passionate about the stories that buildings tell us and how the social, political and personal narratives are inscribed on to architecture and spaces: the stories of our lives. I have also written on music, sexuality and photography.

I’ve recently completed a Phd in the Architecture Department at the Royal College of Art, title Writing Alexandra Palace: Plurivocity as a method of cultural recovery of buildings, funded by an AHRC award. Other current projects are ‘Are you waiting’, chapter 1 of The Chronicle, part of the Guy’s Hospital Arts Programme for the new Cancer Centre by RSH+P on waiting and contemplation, part of my on-going series on the state, activity, architecture and place of waiting; a commission on the Pfizer complex for theWhitstable Biennale in 2014; continuing investigations into digital writing; and ‘audio-architecture’. And thinking about my next book.

I am a professional editor of contemporary art and architecture books and worked with leading schools, practices, publishers and individual artists and architects in the UK and internationally.

Pieces of my work have been selected as highlights in Architecture Week and I have also received awards from Royal Society of Public Health Arts and Health and funding from the Arts Council England, South East Arts and CABE.

For an up-to-date view of my most recent work, have a look at my cv and the posts on the blog. You can email me here


11 Responses to About

  1. shuli tor says:

    hi Poz
    is this really you?
    of course it is- the Ainley and maternal line
    (name i have forgotten-Rowena-sorry) continue
    full force.
    how are you? would love to hear from you.
    with affection,
    (blast from longtime past)

  2. Daniella cox says:

    hello Poz, i am another blast from your past! just having a bit of a google thinking about you + your bro’s as we are having a globs (global village trucking co} get together and it would be so amazing if you lot were there! even if you can’t make it, i would love to hear from you + the boys.don’t know if you would remember me? daniella/dany from long ago at fair green? lived at yours for a while and then left to live at beehive with dave. hope to hear from you! lots of love daniella xxx

    • rrosa says:

      Dear Daniella
      Of course I remember you! I thought about you and the Globs recently as I was driving up through Norfolk and lots of village names flew by from the past.
      I’m really sorry to be telling you this by email: Dave died almost exactly a year ago (11 January), suddenly and at home, of a stroke. He didn’t have any pre-existing health conditions, other than the usual middle-aged man stuff. I’m sorry too I didn’t get hold of you at the time, it was very hard organising everything. Pees lives in Sweden now. He’d reappeared in the world in the last five years or so, and had a job he really liked – his employer is setting up at David Ainley achievement fund in his memory, which is incredibly touching and quite funny too. I’m still reeling from it really, can’t quite get my head round only having one brother.
      I faintly remember speaking to (your) Dave about 15 years ago but I can’t remember why. I think he told you were a herbalist – have I remembered right?
      love to you too xxpoz

  3. Daniella cox says:

    Darling Poz, so so sorry to hear the sad news about Dave i loved him dearly he was such a lovely person. poor you xxx would love to see you we live in Muswell hill, think you live in canterbury? if you are ever in london it would be nice to meet up, come for dinner, come stay the night, whatever? catch up with all those lost years. feel a great affection for your little family. it was such a tough situation for you kids to be in, i don’t know if you remember (you were away at school mostly) i lived with the boys for about six months or so as their housekeeper! i was 16! it was mad, one big crazy party. please come and see us, want to give you a big cuddle, lots of love Daniella xxx

  4. I have read your letter in Prospero about Alexandra Palace, a great morgue of a place in my day and shadow of its earlier life.. I was a BBC TV journalist for thirty years, eight of them (196t/69) at AP. Forever running along dusty corridors between Newsroom, editing rooms and studio. If you’d like an tatter sometime, fee free.

    Do I detect in your name a match for my own West Riding roots?

    Mike Broadbent
    (Luton – 01582 527470)

    PS You’d better hurry – i have just passed my 80th birthday

    • rrosa says:

      Dear Mike
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’d love to have a natter – I realise that I need to get a move on to be able to talk people who worked there! Let me know where you’re based, and when is good for you and I’ll come up with some dates.
      You’re right about the Yorkshire connection – my grandfather’s family came from Leeds originally. I’ve been to Ainley Tops too. The name makes much more sense if it’s said in a Yorkshire accent.

      Look forward to talking to you.


    • rrosa says:

      Hello again
      I just realised you sent me your phone number. I’ll try you on Monday if that’s ok.

  5. Monday should be OK – I have nothing scheduled, though I’ll probably be out part of the day. Suggest a rough time and I’ll try to be here. I warn you in advance that I am a little hard of hearing but it should be OK, as you will presumably want me to do most of the talking!


  6. John Hulse says:

    Hi Rosa

    Like Mike, responding to the article in Prospero. I worked there from 74-79 and have wonderful memories and discoveries.
    Please contact by e-mail and I will fill in the details.

  7. I just sent a message which ‘couldn’t be sent’ for some reason. I hope this gets through. Could we postpone our conversation until tomorrow (Tuesday) as I have to be out most of today after all.


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